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Events & Announcements
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2010-11-02 American Indians in American Popular Culture
2010-11-02 Speech for Service-Learning:How to perform Service-Learning
2010-11-02 Assisting Our EFL Learners to Become Better English Writers: How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay?
2010-11-01 Insulation Analysis of Partial Discharge for Cast-Resin Current Transformer
2010-11-01 BIBA Teaching in English Support Group Lecture - Creative Teaching-Examples Sharing
2010-10-31 Energy harvesting technology
2010-10-27 EE Students after-school counseling program
2010-10-27 Self-study class of College of Informattion and Electrical Engineering
2010-10-27 Career Development for the Undergraduate
2010-10-26 LCD TV System
2010-10-26 Benchmark Selection of DEA on Two-Construct Output Measures
2010-10-26 SPEECH--Applications and Research Challenges of Wireless Sensor Networks
2010-10-25 Techniques for teaching calculus contents
2010-10-23 Present Situation and Forecasts of medical industry
2010-10-20 SPEECH--Comparing Run-Length Encoded Sequences
2010-10-19 Innovation and Work Study
2010-10-18 High-Tech Techie's Knowledge and Attitude.
2010-10-18 Digital teaching materials of educational function(II).
2010-10-12 YO~Hi-tech millionaires.
2010-10-12 Enjoy your college life
2010-10-12 Techniques for teaching calculus contents
2010-10-12 Learning and career planning
2010-10-11 An important stage to me - from university to graduate school
2010-10-08 Are You Ready to Be a Freshman workplace
2010-10-07 The Experience sharing with carrier development
2010-09-29 Differences between the school and the workplace.
2010-09-27 Recent progress of microwave,antennas and EMC related research in HIT
2010-05-27 On-line Videos for the 8th Success in English
2010-05-26 On-line Videos for the 8th Success in English
2010-05-05 Seminar on Emerging Green Energy Resources Industry And Social Responsibility
2010-04-28 Business model of technological change on the effect:IMAGIC Technology
2010-04-28 Asus Eee PC
2010-04-28 Influence
2010-04-23 Japanese Culture and Enterprise Management
2010-04-19 Global Cross Culture Business Management
2010-04-15 EIC/ TOEFL On Sale for FCU StudentsEIC/ TOEFL On Sale for FCU StudentsTOEIC/ TOEFL On Sale for FCU Students點閱:17 TOEIC/TOEFL On Sale for FCU Students and Staff
2010-04-12 Innovation and Technology Management
2010-03-31 International joint venture management
2010-03-30 Foreign Affairs and Taiwan-US trade relations on the analysis
2010-03-29 Entering China's Opportunities and Challenges
2010-03-22 Singapore's elite policy and science parks person training
2010-03-18 Study Abroad Activity Presentation
2010-03-09 Dreams and development - the birth of a new city
2010-03-04 FCU wants you!To be the Spokesmanof Soft Skills !
2010-02-01 The competition between Boeing and Airbus