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Events & Announcements
PostDate Title
2012-04-23 The 12th Success in English
2012-04-20 The Analysis of Current International Cement Market
2012-04-19 Ingredients of Chaos
2012-04-19 Families of Mappings and Bifurcation
2012-04-19 Graphical Composition, Wiggly Iterates and Zeroes
2012-04-05 Department of Automatic Control Engineering---Special speech: Enjoy Robots Enjoy Life
2012-03-22 Measurement of multi-directional Anisotropy in Thin Films by residual strength Method
2012-03-20 [Matlab Group]Based on Matlab Software Genetic Algorithm Execution
2012-03-13 Chaotic system--Mappings and Orbits
2012-03-13 Design of High-Speed Serial Link Communicating System: USB3.0 Platform
2012-03-13 Chaotic system--Periodic Orbits and Asymptotic Orbits
2012-02-22 The practice topic of financial qualification
2012-02-20 International students counseling hours for BIBA
2011-11-18 Universal model design and analysis of solar Energy
2011-10-04 The Most Humble Object Can Have Much to Say: Exploring Methodology in Cultural Studies
2011-10-03 2011 English Sining Contest
2011-06-09 The workshop of faculty development group on project management
2011-06-09 The Workshop of Faculty Development Group on Project Management
2011-06-03 HP Trip 2011: A Visit with Mayor Jason Hu
2011-06-03 旅遊夢與心靈快樂
2011-05-31 2011 English Writing Contest
2011-05-16 International Market Development and Management in Asia area: The example of NAK Sealing Technologies Corporation
2011-05-03 How to read and write a journal paper?
2011-05-03 Success in English 10th
2011-04-18 Experience Sharing on College Calculus in a Big Class
2011-04-08 eLearning workshop
2011-03-27 How to be more competitive
2011-03-23 生醫碩士學程3月29日學術演講:Three-Dimensional Elliptical Reconstruction For Stereoscopic Magnetic Resonance Angiography
2011-03-22 Solar cell
2011-03-19 992 online talks and presentations
2011-03-16 生醫碩士學程3月22日學術演講:Listen to the Sound of Light:Photoacousic Imaging
2011-03-16 2011 English Reading Contest
2011-03-14 A Glimpse into Word Formation in English
2011-03-07 The practice topic of financial qualification
2010-12-23 BIBA special topic speech - Leadership in the Global Era
2010-12-12 Techniques for teaching calculus contents
2010-12-07 BIBA Topic speech - Creative Teaching, Examples Sharing
2010-12-06 Guest Chair Prof. Chinlon Lin:Photonics and Internet
2010-12-06 Department of Foreign Languages and Literature Class of 2011 Graduation Performance : Win or Lose
2010-12-03 Techniques for teaching calculus contents
2010-12-02 Success in English 9-Skills for the 21st Century-Dec. 8
2010-11-30 Sharing of college life and work experience
2010-11-29 Techniques for teaching calculus contents
2010-11-29 International Etiquette
2010-11-29 Are you ready to be a top manager in high-tech industry?