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Events & Announcements
PostDate Title
2013-03-08 101-2 BIBA ITA counseling hours
2013-03-06 2013.3.13 House Dance
2013-03-06 2013.03.14 Bridget Jones’s Diary
2013-03-05 101-2 Japanese Activities
2013-03-05 101-2 Japanese Drama Contest
2013-03-01 Makey Maky 在產品創新上的應用
2013-02-25 How to build up the Competitive Edge for the future?
2013-02-25 The practice topic of financial qualification
2013-02-25 Teach Writing Effectively Through the Use of Technology
2013-01-25 BIBA TOEFL Courses
2012-12-03 The actual experience of participating in the international trade practice - The International Trade Department of the teachers and students to visit Taichung Customs Office and the Taichung Harbor
2012-11-30 Southeast Asian Economic and Trade Situation Analysis
2012-11-26 The 13th Success in English
2012-11-20 An Overview of the European and American Hardwood Trade
2012-11-20 101-1 The short-term class schedule of Sophomore English
2012-11-17 Career planning of entering the workplace
2012-11-13 2012 English Speech Contest (Registration Deadline: 12/6, 2012)
2012-10-29 101-1 Online Speech
2012-10-17 Speech Title: Exploring Internet Marketing ~ Introduction of Keyword Advertisement
2012-10-05 101-1 Language Center Short-term Course
2012-10-03 2012 English Singing Contest
2012-09-27 BIBA ITA Counseling time
2012-09-26 Overview of the rebate algorithm and export costs in Mainland China
2012-05-29 BIBA English Teaching Mannual workshop
2012-05-29 Teach in English with manufacturing, editing, directing and acting
2012-05-21 Student Learning Outcome Assessment Forum
2012-05-07 Title:Wiggles, Woggles, and Schwarzian Derivatives
2012-05-07 Title:Wiggly Iterates, Cantor Sets, and Chaos
2012-05-04 Twelfth Night in Performance
2012-05-02 [Matlab]Rapid Control Prototyping Technique for Embedded Control Systems
2012-05-01 Teaching in English- A Series of Workshops for Instructors
2012-05-01 Sophomore English 2nd Session Short-term Classes
2012-04-23 2012 English Writing Contest (Registration Deadline: 2012.5.10)
2012-04-23 The 12th Success in English
2012-04-20 The Analysis of Current International Cement Market
2012-04-19 Ingredients of Chaos
2012-04-19 Families of Mappings and Bifurcation
2012-04-19 Graphical Composition, Wiggly Iterates and Zeroes
2012-04-05 Department of Automatic Control Engineering---Special speech: Enjoy Robots Enjoy Life
2012-03-22 Measurement of multi-directional Anisotropy in Thin Films by residual strength Method
2012-03-20 [Matlab Group]Based on Matlab Software Genetic Algorithm Execution
2012-03-13 Chaotic system--Mappings and Orbits
2012-03-13 Design of High-Speed Serial Link Communicating System: USB3.0 Platform
2012-03-13 Chaotic system--Periodic Orbits and Asymptotic Orbits
2012-02-22 The practice topic of financial qualification