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Events & Announcements

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Events & Announcements
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2021-03-31 【SDGs in Daily Life】Seeing the Hope for Education in ASEAN
2021-03-27 In order to cooperate with the community epidemic prevention of the Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program and maintain the safety of the campus and the community, all faculty, staff and students are requested to cooperate with the relevant measures and implement them.
2021-03-27 Notice of 1st semester, 2020 campus epidemic prevention measures in response to COVID-19.
2021-03-24 2021 International Summer School-Social Innovation Practice
2021-03-23 2021 Feng Chia University Innovation Application Special Contest
2021-03-08 Workshop of Aspects of Copyright of Campus Academic Papers
2021-03-05 The revised calendar for the second semester of the 109 school year.
2021-02-23 【SDGs in Daily Life:Seeing the Hope for Education in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations】
2021-02-19 【Micro-Credit Course-What’s the difference between vegan and meat diet?】 【English Taught】
2021-02-19 【Micro-Credit Course】 Black Gold VS Justice?|English Taught
2021-02-19 【Micro-Credit Course-Food Bank - A Solution to End Hunger】【English Taught】
2021-02-19 SDGs in everyday life - English workshops
2021-02-19 SSS Theater Now in Action!SDGs Chinese Workshop
2021-02-19 【Micro-credit Course】Migrant Workers from Southeast Asia in Taiwan <36 Hours rush> 【English Taught】
2021-02-19 【Micro-Credit Course】Exploring Education Equality_ An Endeavour for Everyone 【English Taught】