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Events & Announcements
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2021-04-14 2021 FCU x K12 University AWSome Day
2021-04-12 Micro-credit Course - 【Know more about investment and employment in Vietnam】【ENGLISH TAUGHT】
2021-04-12 Interview date and time for domestic admissions
2021-04-09 Speech
2021-03-31 Final Results Exhibition of imCloud Manufacturing Innovation Operation Center
2021-03-31 2021 Business Data Analysis and Decision-Making Competition Who is the protector of Taiwan’s various industries?
2021-03-31 【SDGs in Daily Life】Seeing the Hope for Education in ASEAN
2021-03-27 In order to cooperate with the community epidemic prevention of the Fall-Winter COVID-19 Prevention Program and maintain the safety of the campus and the community, all faculty, staff and students are requested to cooperate with the relevant measures and implement them.
2021-03-27 Notice of 1st semester, 2020 campus epidemic prevention measures in response to COVID-19.
2021-03-26 Feng Chia University Industry Trend Forum
2021-03-24 2021 International Summer School-Social Innovation Practice
2021-03-23 2021 Feng Chia University Innovation Application Special Contest
2021-03-08 Workshop of Aspects of Copyright of Campus Academic Papers
2021-03-05 The revised calendar for the second semester of the 109 school year.
2021-02-23 【SDGs in Daily Life:Seeing the Hope for Education in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations】
2021-02-19 【Micro-Credit Course-What’s the difference between vegan and meat diet?】 【English Taught】
2021-02-19 【Micro-Credit Course】 Black Gold VS Justice?|English Taught
2021-02-19 【Micro-Credit Course-Food Bank - A Solution to End Hunger】【English Taught】
2021-02-19 SDGs in everyday life - English workshops
2021-02-19 SSS Theater Now in Action!SDGs Chinese Workshop
2021-02-19 【Micro-credit Course】Migrant Workers from Southeast Asia in Taiwan <36 Hours rush> 【English Taught】
2021-02-19 【Micro-Credit Course】Exploring Education Equality_ An Endeavour for Everyone 【English Taught】
2021-02-18 【Micro-credit - Ensure access to energy for all and taking action for climate change】
2021-02-18 【Micro-credit Course: 100 ways to make use of the leftovers-Taichung City Food Bank】
2021-02-18 【Micro-credit】 Life below water/ Life on land
2021-02-18 【Micro-credit】Reduced Inequalities
2019-02-13 2019/03/05Special lecture~Water in Crisis: A tale of two cities
2018-10-09 EMI Chit Chat】Fall semester, 2018
2017-11-22 2017 EMI workshop
2017-10-23 2017 Photography Workshops
2017-10-16 Language Corners @ Where You Are
2017-07-20 Summer TOEIC Online Class
2017-06-20 IELTS Advanced Course
2017-05-16 SFLPT
2017-04-28 105-2 Weekend TOEFL-ITP Camp
2017-04-20 領導講座
2017-04-05 105-2IELTS Speaking Class(Registration deadline:4/9)
2017-03-25 2017 TOEIC Classes
2017-03-09 Weekend IELTS Intensive Camp
2016-11-16 Australian Supreme Court Counsel I-Ching Tseng 11/17 Speech of Australian Supreme Court Counsel I-Ching Tseng
2016-10-19 Applications of Wearable Intelligent Technology in Healthcare
2016-05-10 Lecture Announcement:Fire regulation and design and managment of fire prevention at a large building complex
2016-05-10 Lecture Announcement:Fire compartment and management
2016-04-27 Bold Experiments in Architecture
2015-06-13 3D-MID Workshop
2015-04-28 Seminar: Vocal Worlds and English Speech
2015-01-14 Welcome to 2015 Winter Camp
2014-12-11 Innovation & Entrepreneurship
2014-12-08 English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Course Design Workgroup Training 2
2014-12-01 English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Course Design Workgroup Training 1
2014-12-01 English Oral Proficiency Assessment Research Training 3
2014-12-01 English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Course Design Workgroup Speech 2
2014-11-28 Speech: MOOCs and Flipped Classroom: Take the Global/Local Shakespeare Course for Example
2014-11-28 Speech: Staging Shakespeare: Audition, Reading, and Blocking
2014-11-24 English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Course Design Workgroup Speech 1
2014-11-24 English Oral Proficiency Assessment Research Training 2
2014-11-17 English Oral Proficiency Assessment Research Training 1
2014-11-15 2014 PMI Taiwan International Congress,Localize The International Value and Internationalization
2014-11-10 English Oral Proficiency Assessment Research Speech 2
2014-11-10 English Oral Proficiency Assessment Research Speech 3
2014-11-06 DFLL Seminar: Understanding Hollywood Movies: The Wizard of Oz and the Hero story
2014-11-05 International Day for ICF, Love withiout Disability 2014
2014-11-05 2014 Experience Sharing
2014-11-03 English Oral Proficiency Assessment Research Speech 1
2014-10-31 Topic: Acing Your Academic Presentations with Effective Strategies- Application and Evaluation
2014-10-29 The Effect Of Online Buying and Selling on Human Life Globally
2014-10-09 2014 Fourth International Symposium on Foreign Language and Literature Teaching, Feng Chia University
2014-08-27 Foreign Language Skills Scholarship-Calculate the Points
2014-05-09 Rules of Spring 2014 English Writing Competency Test
2014-05-01 CIS(CMOS Image Sensor) Testing Technology
2014-04-25 Speech title: The design of ceramic scribing machine
2014-04-21 2014 Anecdote Telling Contest
2014-03-31 2014 Non-English majors English Writing Contest
2014-03-26 The cases of Corporate Social Responsibility in Taiwan
2014-03-04 ER Seminar-【Extensive Reading:The Bridge to Fluency 】
2014-02-21 2014 English Dramatic Reading Contest
2013-12-12 Photonic crystals and photonic crystal fibers
2013-11-27 Teachers-Students conference at The college of construction and developmemt
2013-11-26 Seminar: How to improve the pronunciation of phonemes and clusters?
2013-11-26 TA Training Program
2013-11-18 FDLL Lecture
2013-11-18 DFLL Lecture
2013-11-11 Experiencing the process of customs clearance Visiting Taichung Port Customs
2013-11-07 11/14 Club night @ EZ CAFE
2013-10-23 2013 English Speech Contest
2013-10-21 Digital camera development of the international marketing
2013-10-16 Club Night @ EZ CAFE:Botanical Art Club, Patchwork Club, Chadou Club, Puppetry Club
2013-10-07 Current Domestic Customs and Logistics Overview
2013-09-27 Green product design and packaging
2013-09-27 Introduction to Green Energy
2013-09-27 How to Creative Design
2013-09-27 Cloud application
2013-06-10 FLLD Lecture-"Staging Plays; Staging Musicals"
2013-05-24 2013.05.30 The Lorax
2013-05-24 BIBA Curriculum mapping & learning portfolio lectures
2013-05-23 2013.05.29 Quiches & Omelets
2013-05-17 2013.05.23 The Joneses
2013-05-16 2013.05.22 Summer Courses Worldwild
2013-05-10 Don Quixote--The Last of Knights
2013-05-10 2013.05.16 High Fidelity
2013-05-09 2013.05.15 Cupcakes
2013-05-03 2013.05.09 Outsourced
2013-05-02 2013.05.08 Scrabble
2013-04-30 The 14th Success in English
2013-04-26 2013.5.2 Music and Lyrics
2013-04-25 2013 English Writing Contest(Registration deadline:9 May)
2013-04-25 2013.05.01 ESL Pictionary
2013-04-23 Movie Night_ Outsourced(Rescheduled to 6/6)
2013-04-12 2013.04.25 Transamerica
2013-04-11 2013.04.24 Summer Picnic Food
2013-04-11 Title:Your heartbeat could be your password
2013-04-10 20130418 lecture from PhD Program in Business
2013-04-05 2013.04.11Tuesdays with Morrie
2013-03-28 2013.04.10 Russian Night
2013-03-25 Proficiency Test Reward
2013-03-22 The development of automated measuring systems for the web-thickness of micro-drills.
2013-03-22 2013.03.28 Shallow Hal
2013-03-21 2013.3.27 Ginger Snaps
2013-03-20 Overview of the International Market in Food & Drink Industry
2013-03-15 2013 GEPT Campus Test
2013-03-15 BIBA Case Study in English, Chi Mei Optoelectronics- Initial Public Offering Decision
2013-03-15 2013.03.21 Friends
2013-03-14 2013.03.20 Jeopardy
2013-03-13 Overview of the export market in Taiwanese textile technology industry
2013-03-11 2013 English Dramatic Reading Contest
2013-03-08 101-2 BIBA ITA counseling hours
2013-03-06 2013.3.13 House Dance
2013-03-06 2013.03.14 Bridget Jones’s Diary
2013-03-05 101-2 Japanese Activities
2013-03-05 101-2 Japanese Drama Contest
2013-03-01 Makey Maky 在產品創新上的應用
2013-02-25 How to build up the Competitive Edge for the future?
2013-02-25 The practice topic of financial qualification
2013-02-25 Teach Writing Effectively Through the Use of Technology
2013-01-25 BIBA TOEFL Courses
2012-12-03 The actual experience of participating in the international trade practice - The International Trade Department of the teachers and students to visit Taichung Customs Office and the Taichung Harbor
2012-11-30 Southeast Asian Economic and Trade Situation Analysis
2012-11-26 The 13th Success in English
2012-11-20 An Overview of the European and American Hardwood Trade
2012-11-20 101-1 The short-term class schedule of Sophomore English
2012-11-17 Career planning of entering the workplace
2012-11-13 2012 English Speech Contest (Registration Deadline: 12/6, 2012)
2012-10-29 101-1 Online Speech
2012-10-17 Speech Title: Exploring Internet Marketing ~ Introduction of Keyword Advertisement
2012-10-05 101-1 Language Center Short-term Course
2012-10-03 2012 English Singing Contest
2012-09-27 BIBA ITA Counseling time
2012-09-26 Overview of the rebate algorithm and export costs in Mainland China
2012-05-29 BIBA English Teaching Mannual workshop
2012-05-29 Teach in English with manufacturing, editing, directing and acting
2012-05-21 Student Learning Outcome Assessment Forum
2012-05-07 Title:Wiggles, Woggles, and Schwarzian Derivatives
2012-05-07 Title:Wiggly Iterates, Cantor Sets, and Chaos
2012-05-04 Twelfth Night in Performance
2012-05-02 [Matlab]Rapid Control Prototyping Technique for Embedded Control Systems
2012-05-01 Teaching in English- A Series of Workshops for Instructors
2012-05-01 Sophomore English 2nd Session Short-term Classes
2012-04-23 2012 English Writing Contest (Registration Deadline: 2012.5.10)
2012-04-23 The 12th Success in English
2012-04-20 The Analysis of Current International Cement Market
2012-04-19 Ingredients of Chaos
2012-04-19 Families of Mappings and Bifurcation
2012-04-19 Graphical Composition, Wiggly Iterates and Zeroes
2012-04-05 Department of Automatic Control Engineering---Special speech: Enjoy Robots Enjoy Life
2012-03-22 Measurement of multi-directional Anisotropy in Thin Films by residual strength Method
2012-03-20 [Matlab Group]Based on Matlab Software Genetic Algorithm Execution
2012-03-13 Chaotic system--Mappings and Orbits
2012-03-13 Design of High-Speed Serial Link Communicating System: USB3.0 Platform
2012-03-13 Chaotic system--Periodic Orbits and Asymptotic Orbits
2012-02-22 The practice topic of financial qualification
2012-02-20 International students counseling hours for BIBA
2011-11-18 Universal model design and analysis of solar Energy
2011-10-04 The Most Humble Object Can Have Much to Say: Exploring Methodology in Cultural Studies
2011-10-03 2011 English Sining Contest
2011-06-09 The workshop of faculty development group on project management
2011-06-09 The Workshop of Faculty Development Group on Project Management
2011-06-03 HP Trip 2011: A Visit with Mayor Jason Hu
2011-06-03 旅遊夢與心靈快樂
2011-05-31 2011 English Writing Contest
2011-05-16 International Market Development and Management in Asia area: The example of NAK Sealing Technologies Corporation
2011-05-03 How to read and write a journal paper?
2011-05-03 Success in English 10th
2011-04-18 Experience Sharing on College Calculus in a Big Class
2011-04-08 eLearning workshop
2011-03-27 How to be more competitive
2011-03-23 生醫碩士學程3月29日學術演講:Three-Dimensional Elliptical Reconstruction For Stereoscopic Magnetic Resonance Angiography
2011-03-22 Solar cell
2011-03-19 992 online talks and presentations
2011-03-16 生醫碩士學程3月22日學術演講:Listen to the Sound of Light:Photoacousic Imaging
2011-03-16 2011 English Reading Contest
2011-03-14 A Glimpse into Word Formation in English
2011-03-07 The practice topic of financial qualification
2010-12-23 BIBA special topic speech - Leadership in the Global Era
2010-12-12 Techniques for teaching calculus contents
2010-12-07 BIBA Topic speech - Creative Teaching, Examples Sharing
2010-12-06 Guest Chair Prof. Chinlon Lin:Photonics and Internet
2010-12-06 Department of Foreign Languages and Literature Class of 2011 Graduation Performance : Win or Lose
2010-12-03 Techniques for teaching calculus contents
2010-12-02 Success in English 9-Skills for the 21st Century-Dec. 8
2010-11-30 Sharing of college life and work experience
2010-11-29 Techniques for teaching calculus contents
2010-11-29 International Etiquette
2010-11-29 Are you ready to be a top manager in high-tech industry?
2010-11-26 BIBA Parents' Day regarding to study-abroad issue
2010-11-24 991 English Learning On-line Workshop
2010-11-24 Success in Engliah 9
2010-11-23 BIBA Topic Speech: Special 3-in-1 Study Program of San Diego State University
2010-11-22 Techniques for teaching calculus contents
2010-11-22 Service Learning Seminar
2010-11-22 Free Test Preparation Courses
2010-11-18 Primary Studies on the Establishment and the Analysis of Calculus Test Bank
2010-11-17 Library Hours - November 27, 2010
2010-11-16 The Design of Circularly Polarized Slot Antenna Based on Evolutionary Computation
2010-11-16 2010 English Singing Contest
2010-11-15 Techniques for teaching calculus contents
2010-11-15 Creating a Gold Life
2010-11-12 N/A
2010-11-10 Physical body performance and Theater
2010-11-10 Physical body performance and Theater
2010-11-09 SPEECH--PeerIIR: Peer-to-Peer Interactive Internet Radio System
2010-11-08 Techniques for teaching calculus contents
2010-11-05 Innovations and Work Study
2010-11-02 American Indians in American Popular Culture
2010-11-02 Speech for Service-Learning:How to perform Service-Learning
2010-11-02 Assisting Our EFL Learners to Become Better English Writers: How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay?
2010-11-01 Insulation Analysis of Partial Discharge for Cast-Resin Current Transformer
2010-11-01 BIBA Teaching in English Support Group Lecture - Creative Teaching-Examples Sharing
2010-10-31 Energy harvesting technology
2010-10-27 EE Students after-school counseling program
2010-10-27 Self-study class of College of Informattion and Electrical Engineering
2010-10-27 Career Development for the Undergraduate
2010-10-26 LCD TV System
2010-10-26 Benchmark Selection of DEA on Two-Construct Output Measures
2010-10-26 SPEECH--Applications and Research Challenges of Wireless Sensor Networks
2010-10-25 Techniques for teaching calculus contents
2010-10-23 Present Situation and Forecasts of medical industry
2010-10-20 SPEECH--Comparing Run-Length Encoded Sequences
2010-10-19 Innovation and Work Study
2010-10-18 High-Tech Techie's Knowledge and Attitude.
2010-10-18 Digital teaching materials of educational function(II).
2010-10-12 YO~Hi-tech millionaires.
2010-10-12 Enjoy your college life
2010-10-12 Techniques for teaching calculus contents
2010-10-12 Learning and career planning
2010-10-11 An important stage to me - from university to graduate school
2010-10-08 Are You Ready to Be a Freshman workplace
2010-10-07 The Experience sharing with carrier development
2010-09-29 Differences between the school and the workplace.
2010-09-27 Recent progress of microwave,antennas and EMC related research in HIT
2010-05-27 On-line Videos for the 8th Success in English
2010-05-26 On-line Videos for the 8th Success in English
2010-05-05 Seminar on Emerging Green Energy Resources Industry And Social Responsibility
2010-04-28 Business model of technological change on the effect:IMAGIC Technology
2010-04-28 Asus Eee PC
2010-04-28 Influence
2010-04-23 Japanese Culture and Enterprise Management
2010-04-19 Global Cross Culture Business Management
2010-04-15 EIC/ TOEFL On Sale for FCU StudentsEIC/ TOEFL On Sale for FCU StudentsTOEIC/ TOEFL On Sale for FCU Students點閱:17 TOEIC/TOEFL On Sale for FCU Students and Staff
2010-04-12 Innovation and Technology Management
2010-03-31 International joint venture management
2010-03-30 Foreign Affairs and Taiwan-US trade relations on the analysis
2010-03-29 Entering China's Opportunities and Challenges
2010-03-22 Singapore's elite policy and science parks person training
2010-03-18 Study Abroad Activity Presentation
2010-03-09 Dreams and development - the birth of a new city
2010-03-04 FCU wants you!To be the Spokesmanof Soft Skills !
2010-02-01 The competition between Boeing and Airbus
2010-01-25 Successful Leadership Strategies and Innovation Leadership
2010-01-20 IEET engineering and technology education certification briefing
2010-01-15 5th annual Department of Foreign Languages & Literature graduation play