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Notice of 1st semester, 2020 campus epidemic prevention measures in response to COVID-19.

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Data Source: 學生事務處 (2021-03-27)

Epidemic Prevention Emergency Response Team Notice

Recipient:All university units
Date:September 3, 2020
Notice No: SA No: 1090903001
Contact person and telephone: Chen ext.2207 、Chu  ext.2540

Subject: Notice of 1st semester, 2020 campus epidemic prevention measures in response to COVID-19.

1.  This notice is issued in accordance with the resolutions of the Emergency Response Team meeting on September 1, 2020.
2.  From September 7, 2020, all staff and students must fill in the form of the self-health management system every day. Notification reminders will be sent to those who do not comply on the same day. If you have a fever or are unwell, please wear a mask to seek medical attention and take leave to recover. The healthcare team will track those who are unwell or have a fever.
3.  Teachers and students should wear masks in classrooms. In addition, masks should be worn in indoor areas (such as laboratories, etc.) or confined spaces (such as elevators, etc.) where social distance cannot be maintained.
4.  The General Affairs Department will allocate alcohol spray bottles for disinfection at the entrances and exits of each building, and public areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected. All units are requested to open windows in the indoor areas and classrooms to maintain ventilation.
5.  The university is open to invited visitors who should cooperate with the guidelines for contact-information-based measures issued by Central Epidemic Command Center.
(1) Each unit sets a daily visitor passcode for invited visitors to use.
(2) Visitors must fill in the form in the visitor's self-health management system. Those who have a history of going abroad or contact history and fever within 21 days should not enter the university. Visitors arriving at the invitation unit should show the same-day electronic pass (PASS).
(3) Visitors entering the office should wear masks.
6.  From the class starting day (9/14), infrared thermometers will be installed at the main gate and east gate. Forehead thermometers will be available in the guardrooms at the gates to provide staff and students with individual body temperature measurement. Units that need forehead thermometers can be borrowed from the security team and must bear responsibility for safekeeping.
7.  All units handling meetings or large-scale events on campus should implement epidemic prevention measures such as temperature measurement, alcohol disinfection, and wearing masks. Epidemic prevention items can be borrowed from the security team. The organizer of the meeting/event is also requested to login to the event-related information online system (URL: https://ppt.cc/fyykqx) to facilitate the confirmation and verification of the safety management command center.
8.  For independent venues such as Fusing Dorm living area, library, gymnasium, i-Hub, etc., in order to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention, the implementation of the strengthened epidemic prevention control plan required by each venue may be announced separately.
9.  After the 14-day home quarantine period for overseas students returning to Taiwan, they should have another 7 days of self-health management. If they need to go out, they should wear masks throughout the journey.
10.    To ensure health, the cooperation of all staff and students is required during the epidemic prevention period. If you have any health queries, please contact the nurses of the healthcare team (ext. 2548, 2546).