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2021 Feng Chia University Innovation Application Special Contest

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Active Date: 2021-03-23 - 2021-05-17

Data Source: 通識教育中心 (2021-03-23)

  • The origin of the competition
    In order to cultivate students' ability to innovate in science and technology, and to improve the learning effectiveness of App, AI artificial intelligence, and technology and entrepreneurship-related courses, we combine cross-domain special production to discover and solve real problems. Therefore, the "Feng Chia University Innovative Application Special Contest" was held to enable students from different disciplines to collaborate in cross-field teams to deepen the learning and application of programming and smart technology.
  • Participants
    Junior college group: all enrolled students of Feng Chia University (including recent graduates). The participating team is composed of students from different departments and will have extra points.
    Group K-12 (Trial): All elementary, junior high and high school students who are tutored by the teacher and student team of Feng Chia University.
  • Competition schedule
    Registration period: from now until May 17, 110.
    Announcement of the finalists: May 30, 110.
    Final: June 29th, 110, held at the Human Language Building of Feng Chia University. Prizes will be presented on-site after the competition.
  • Work submission method
    Participation registration form: from now until May 17, 110, the online registration method is used to complete the registration.
    Online registration: [please click here to register online]
    The work plan (format as attached, please turn into a PDF file) and video, the submission of the work will be uploaded at the time of registration, and will end on May 17, 110. 
    *** Please modify the file name: team name _ work name

    If there is any problem with uploading, please submit the work E-MAIL to the official mailbox: 9appcase@gmail.com.
  • For details of the competition, please see the official website http://www.genedu.fcu.edu.tw/index.php/tw/component/sppagebuilder/113-2021