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Teach Writing Effectively Through the Use of Technology

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Active Date: 2013-03-04 - 2099-03-04

Data Source: 人文社會學院\外國語文學系 (2013-02-25)

Sue Ann Towle, Product Director for Pearson’s Knowledge Technology group

Professional Experience
Sue Ann joined Pearson’s Knowledge Technologies group in 2004 supporting the team that researched and developed the core technology for automated solutions for text analysis assessment. In 2007 she assumed the principal product management role for Pearson’s WriteToLearn product. Sue Ann’s responsibilities include defining the product’s strategy and roadmap, along with all areas pertaining to sales, marketing, operations and support.

Presentation Title
Teach Writing Effectively Through the Use of Technology

Presentation Description
This presentation discusses and demonstrates how technology can provide supportive reviews with automatic feedback and embedded instruction, while helping manage the teacher’s workload.