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Measurement of multi-directional Anisotropy in Thin Films by residual strength Method

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Data Source: 資訊電機學院\電子工程學系 (2012-03-22)

[2012/03/14PM12: 00 ~ PM02: 00] School teachers, in the growth of community-Matlab Applications, invited the Department of Electrical Engineering Prof. Tian Chunlin came to teach their results. He participated in 2011 of Matlab & the Simulink technical papers for selection by the article / paper for selection won the second medals of this study, the MATLAB software development platform, combined with a modified Twyman-Green interferometer, to construct a fast Fourier transform measurement anisotropic filmresidual stress system. Characteristics of this system is to capture the interference image, the through MATLAB diverse Toolbox functions to achieve the fast Fourier transform (FFT) to restore the purpose of the film's 3D surface profile. This system by measuring analytes coating before and after the axial curvature of the changes to the determination of anisotropic residual stress, was appreciated.