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Rules of Spring 2014 English Writing Competency Test

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Active Date: 2014-05-19 - 2014-05-19

Data Source: 人文社會學院\外國語文學系 (2014-05-09)

Rules of Spring 2014 English Writing Competency Test

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
Feng Chia University

I. Participants:

All the students taking English Writing (2), (4), & (6) should participate in this test. The scores of all participants will be sent to their writing teachers and counted as part of their final scores of the writing classes.

II. Test Time: 3:30p.m.-5:00p.m., Monday, May 19, 2014.

III. Test Places: Ren-yan Building, Language Building,
Science and Aeronautical Building
English Writing (2) students--RB 406, RB 504
English Writing (4) students--RB 203, RB 606
English Writing (6) students--LB 406, SAB 203

IV. Rules:
A. Each of the writing teachers will suggest two topics (the topics which have been practiced in the classes should be avoided). The topic for each level will be chosen by the teachers of each level before the test.
B. Only paper dictionaries are allowed to be used in the test.
C. Students will have 90 minutes to finish their essays.

V. Grading Policy:
A. Each writing teacher will receive a copy of the grading rubric.
B. Each essay will be graded by two writing teachers. The average of the two teachers’ scores will be the final score for each essay.
C. Organization, Content, Grammar, Diction, and Spelling/Punctuation will be valued equally. The teachers will give a holistic score to each essay.
D. The average scores should count 10% towards students’ final scores of their writing classes.