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3D-MID Workshop

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Active Date: 2015-06-16 - 2015-06-16

Data Source: 國際科技與管理學院(籌備) (2015-06-13)

【Introduction to 3D MID Technology】

The traditional designs of electronic circuits were in 2D, but with the rising technology of 3D MID, electronic circuits can now be in 3D. This opens up a brand new dimension to the electronics industry. This emerging technology is cost-effective and its small scale production and fast reaction allows the production of more refined products. Key markets for this technology include consumer electronic, telecommunication, automotive and medical. Common applications can be found in cellphones and other mobile and wearable devices.

Please find "https://goo.gl/M1Tqvo" to get more introduction details about 3D-MID.