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The Analysis of Current International Cement Market

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Active Date: 2012-04-25 - 2012-04-25

Data Source: 商學院\國際企業管理學士學位學程(英語專班) (2012-04-20)

The lecture will invite the factory director of Asia Cement Co., Ltd., Mr. Tsai to have a speech on April 25, 2012. The purpose of this lecture is that students could understand the practice of international trade and international management. In addition to the basic theory and knowledge from related reference books, students could realize the knowledge of international trade practice and management. Therefore, the department of International Trade invites the factory director of well-known listed company: Asia Cement Co., Ltd., Mr. Tsai, to have a lecturre at Feng Chia University. The content of this lecture includes four categories: First, the current international market and development of Asia Cement Co., Ltd. Second, the exporting and importing operations of Asia Cement Co., Ltd. Third, the practical management situation of subsidiary in Mainland China. Finally, the face-to-face questions and answers between Mr. Cai and students. Hope this speech could not only expand student's specialized knowledge of international trade, but also enhance their practical experience of international trade. Furthermore, this lecture could attain the goal of ideal teaching effects: the combination of theory and practical operation in the field of international trade.