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【Micro-Credit Course】African History and Challenges |English Taught

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Active Date: 2021-03-25 - 2021-03-25

Data Source: 社會創新學院(籌備) (2021-02-19)

【109-2 New Course】

【Micro-Credit Course- African History and Challenges】



Speaking of the history of the hometown, it’s easy for us to tell the tales or recall the lessons from history classes. But what about our impression on Africa?

Is that the traditional lifestyle living in symbiosis with nature?

Or is the prairie full of wildness and vitality?


In fact, Africa has been through a long period of colonization, even the official language of many countries in Africa is French, and there are many exotic flavors in food.

As a colonized continent country, Africa is under a lot of unequal treatment. Let’s learn from history and see the world from different perspectives!


Name of the course:African History and Challenges【0.2 credits】

Lecturer:Richard Abdoul Rachid OUEDRAOGOWill (韋正)

Time:03/25 (Thu) 13:00~17:00

Venue:402, the Ren-Yan Bldg.

Course Code:mc0139