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【Micro-Credit Course-What’s the difference between vegan and meat diet?】 【English Taught】

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Active Date: 2021-04-29 - 2021-04-29

Data Source: 社會創新學院(籌備) (2021-02-19)

【109-2 New Course】

【Micro-Credit Course-What’s the difference between vegan and meat diet?<Cowspiracy>


News related to climate change and the resulting droughts, famines, fires and other natural disasters are shown on newspaper and TV more and more frequently. It seems to remind us that our planet is reaching its critical point. Under those severe circumstances, what can we do to help the Earth?

You might have heard a slogan: Go vVegan and save the Earth


There are different terms coming up with vegetarian diets, such as Vagan, ovo-lacto vegetarian, and Flexitarian etc.


Can we really save the world by changing our diet? Let’s see what we can do to protect our planet with the sustainable development goals (SDGs)!


Name of the course:What’s the difference between vegan and meat diet?<Cowspiracy>【0.2 credits】

Lecturer:Alice Ding丁玉

Time:04/29 (Thu) 13:00~17:00

Venue:402, the Ren-Yan Bldg.

Course Code:mc0162