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Entrance control for epidemic prevention starts on February 22, 110

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Data Source: 秘書處/公共事務組 (2021-02-22)

In line with the school’s epidemic prevention policy, during the two weeks before the start of school (from February 22, 110 to March 7, 110), the access control hours for each school gate of the school are as follows:

  1. Main Gate, East Gate, North Gate: 06:00-24:00
  2. Wenchuang Gate, South Gate (formerly the post office gate): temporarily closed

Our school has installed infrared thermal sensors at the entrances of all doors to facilitate our teachers and students to implement independent health management. For details, please see the attachment.

  1. Main Gate: 1F Hall of Administration Building One
  2. East Gate: East entrance of Business Building, East Lobby of Business Building 1F
  3. North Gate: the entrance of the North Gate, the exit of B1 parking lot of the gymnasium, the 1F lobby of Xuesi Building