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2021 Business Data Analysis and Decision-Making Competition Who is the protector of Taiwan’s various industries?

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Active Date: 2021-05-21 - 2021-05-21

Data Source: 商學院/統籌科目教學中心 (2021-03-31)

Relation Link: https://reurl.cc/3NZYNL

Students of the Business School of Feng Chia University must study basic coordinating disciplines such as economics, statistics, accounting and management. The purpose is to help students get in touch with various business information and understand the current industry, corporate and international development trends and key topics. In the era of the data wave, many companies have begun to solicit talents who need data analysis capabilities. Big data has become a prominent science, subverting traditions and replacing various industrial activities.
Competition mode
The competition mode is divided into PPT report and review on the same day, and each industry takes the top three.

Contest title: "Looking for the sacred mountain of XX industry"


Two weeks before the competition (5/10), students will be provided with relevant information, such as the company name of each industry, as well as the information model and related questions that students are expected to present in the competition.

Oral reports and awards will be given on the same day.

Data sources come from five major industries: financial industry, food processing industry, hotel industry, transportation industry, tourism and travel industry.

【Competition stage】

The participating teams produce a PPT report

Competition report format:

Based on the information provided by the event conference, it combines accounting information, economic factors, and statistical methods for data analysis, and discusses company decision-making with management thinking.

Data analysis tools are limited to Excel, Power BI, and other statistical software.

In the 109 academic year, there are freshmen and sophomores who have taken coordinating subjects (accounting, economics, management, statistics)

Number of participants
Each team has at least 4-6 students (at least 2-3 students must be freshmen), and cross-department teams are welcome

Competition industry
Financial industry, food processing industry, hotel industry, transportation industry, tourism industry

Contest date

May 21, 2021 (Friday)

Competition schedule

12:00-14:00 Dining and discussion (meal preparation for the conference)

14:00-16:20 Competition report

16:30 Award presentation
A group of teams report 15 minutes, review and question questions 5 minutes, a total of 20 minutes

Reward method

(Note: reward method for each industry)

First place: NT$5,000

Second place: NT$3,000

Third place: NT$2,000

Excellent work: each team member's certificate